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Regardless of how much effort you are putting into designing website strategy, if your site doesn’t function correctly, then clients will remain away. Hence, talent and experience are most vital to develop website. However, a real service partner will also identify business requirements, will make clear and transparent communication and have tried and tested robust method from planning to quality assurance.
Global Intelligence Software Limited being a top rated website design company in Pune delivers best design and development services to clients on which your business can rely on. At GIS, we give technical flexibility and ingenuity in development process to deliver quality solutions. Our team will constantly involve in providing a genuine business solution.
Our complete web design and development service include, writing web-friendly content, graphic design, programming and hosting. The custom website developed by our team will help you get distinguish from others. The development process will follow will give you exceptionally savvy solution.

Our development process consists of these 3-building blocks ,


Planning is the largest block of the web design process, both in terms of time, effort, and importance. It involves a great deal of steps and encompasses a huge number of tasks.


This website building block comprises of involving everything that has been discovered and formulated and making the final product.


After what goes out live, there must be promotion and analysis that actually bring users to the site, and seeing if what was made actually worked. The evolve block involves every step completed after the actual building.

Some of the steps involved in designing process include:

  • Research
    This is the most important stage in planning, it involves numerous activities and exercises to check what makes client like the most, about their values and goals, about their audiences, and about where they want to stand up.
  • Personas
    Websites are designed considering specific audiences. Personas are the incarnation of perfect audience, and the project is developed on the footprints of these personas.
  • Site mapping
    This step involves of compilation of modules and pages in to organizes folder.
  • SEO research
    It involves competitor analysis, keyword research to share and promote your site on google search engine.
  • Wireframing
    A blueprint that subtle elements out functionality of website, website layout and much more.
  • Prototyping
    Prototyping is nothing but the development of wireframes. It transforms the outlining of website in to functional skeleton that can be viewed and tested in browser.
  • Visual inventories
    This is thorough cluster of existing styles, themes and pattern that the client can choose from.
  • User interface design
    It is a combination of designs such as color, type, imagery etc along with prototype to design eye catchy UIs.
  • Database setup
    Each site needs a home. Certain functions of website exist only in light of server-side programming.
  • Website Development
    Development of website is nothing but the act of coding and programming. This includes languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.
  • Quality assurance testing
    Testing of broken links, pages, content completeness, functional check, etc.
  • Site optimization
    It refers to variety of site performance factors like website functionality, website response time, website revision, etc to improve website performance.
  • Social media marketing
    Promotion and marketing on various social media channels, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

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