Super Market Software

This Global Super Market Software can be used in Retail Stores, Convenience Stores, Super markets for inventory management, purchase, billing, adding barcode, and loyalty management in all the outlets.

Features of Super Market Software

Inventory Management

  • Manage inventory according to brand, group and category.
  • View and manage item wise gross profit.
  • Create and manage party-wise price structure for items/groups.
  • Create multiple price lists of items.
  • Process sales and purchase order.
  • View inventory using various filters like batch, MRP, size, shade, reference no, serial no, etc.

POS (Point of Sale)

This feature enables you to work even without internet connection. Touch screen keyboard billing counters with separate cash and billing counter.


  • Generate invoices and raise recurring invoices.
  • Get reminders for due invoices.
  • Send reminder SMS or emails for due invoices.

Barcode Management

  • You may create batches and lots easily with this feature.
  • Generate codes and labels automatically and print them.
  • Read barcodes automatically using barcode scanner.

Customer Loyalty Management

  • For regular customers you can add loyalty points and add special discounts for them.
  • Facility to maintain customer records like date of birth, name, contact no, for sending personalized mails on special occasions, birthday wishes, discount offers and schemes.

Banking Integration and Auditing

  • Synchronize bank statements, balance sheets by importing the same into software.
  • Get all the financial reports availability.
  • Get all tax reports, ledger statements according to multiple branches centrally.

Purchase Management

  • Create and manage purchase order.
  • View supplier wise outstanding reports and reminders for the same.
  • View last deals at the time of purchase to cross check rate deal, discount, tax and cost.
  • Facility to print barcode and label from purchase bill.
  • Print purchase reports and purchase bills.

Accounting Management

This feature covers all the accounting tasks of super market or retail shops like ledger reports, creating tax headings, income and expense report, journal entries, cash flow, bank and cash creation and operations.

Discount Schemes and Coupons

  • Generate one-time or multiple-time use personalized discount vouchers/coupons.
  • Create particular promotions tagged with vouchers to allow specific discount in POS.

Robust Security

  • You may create salesmen and store users centrally.
  • Security and restrictions are provided according to hierarchy.

Multiple Store Handling

  • Uou can centrally create multiple branches and assign them managers to handle the operations.
  • Keep an eye on multiple branches operations, sales, and discounts centrally.

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