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Today’s world is connected with the access of internet, smartphones, PCs and other devices. This globalization has created exchange and sharing of knowledge in different parts of the world eliminating the restriction of distance and boundaries. When we provide people learning opportunities using technology it becomes easy for them to access convenient assets and preparing while at work.

The advantage of e-learning is that it can spare time and cash. It can be more efficient to develop course using e-learning software and circulate electronically and reliable amongst thousands of individuals than providing training personally.The custom e-learning solution developed by team of Global Intelligence Software Limited will help you reach across globe.
Our e-Learning System Highlights are
  • It has a global reach
  • Spans multiple devices/mobiles
  • Reduces cost
  • Possible to create, publish, and share a course within few hours.
  • User friendly
  • Completely online

Create exceptional e-learning experience

Provide your audience access to personalized e-learning accessible on any device. Add courses, contents, questions, description and many more.

Smart Dashboard

With intuitive and smart graphical representation take a quick view on your course performance and audience performance with features like analysis reports, no of users using courses, quick view of course created and many more.

Time savvy

By uploading videos, audios, images and documents save your valuable time and circulate the same among your audience with a click.

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