Restaurant Management Software

Manage your restaurant- from Combos to Kitchen.

Features of Restaurant Management Software


  • Complete menu management including importing menu from excel to create future menu which can be activated as per date.
  • You can create layouts of various sections of restaurant as per floors to get real time table occupancy status.
  • Reserve table for future date and time as per guest requests.
  • User-defined KOT print channel that serves as communication between waiters and kitchen to avoid confusion.
  • Offer discounts to customers as per the loyalty card.
  • Add “Happy Hours” pricing and discounts.
  • Split bills like partially cash and partially card and support of multiple payment modes like cash, credit card, debit card, etc.
  • Maintain guest history, and their favorite food preferences.
  • Add multiple service modes like home-delivery, take away or dining.

Financial Management

  • You can record and control expenses, purchase, inventory management and payroll in a centralized accounting system.
  • You can do direct billing, invoicing, check outstanding payments and bill-wise payment using financial management.
  • You can update cashbook on daily basis to avoid hectic work created due to different payment modes like cash, cards etc.
  • You can easily prepare tax returns using financial management system as per the monthly sales report.

Comprehensive Reports

  • You can get periodical purchase report and periodical sales report.
  • Top purchase and top sales report.
  • Sales by day, time, month report
  • Inventory reports, Stock reports, KOT report, etc.

Store and Inventory Management

  • Check and manage real time inventory and ingredient levels in stock room.
  • Updation of stock and inventory as per consumption level.
  • Manually edit and update stock.
  • Set stock levels by setting item wise minimum and maximum level.
  • Alerts system facility if the item is overstocked or understocked.
  • Add, update, edit, delete ingredient items.
  • Manage and add purchase details like vendor name, cost, item name, etc.

Payroll Management

  • Maintain all records of your employees with easy entry forms.
  • You can easily do payments according to different hiring dates, promotions, etc.
  • Attendance management integration to track staff attendance and overtime work.
  • Payroll reports like tracking daily attendance sheets and payment sheet monthly and daily.

Customer Feedback Management

  • Built-in customer feedback management tool to listen to customers’ feedback and expectations.
  • Item wise feedback from customers
  • Separate rating system for all aspects of the restaurant such as ambiance, food, service etc.
  • Alert on negative review.

Chain Outlet Management

  • Easy synchronization of sales receipts, order indents, purchase order, menu items and store items.
  • Manage and even perform all the key operations of all your outlets like push the menu items, or other menu item updates from single location.

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