ASP (Active Server Pages)

Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology is a powerful tool for building Web sites that incorporate dynamic content, like pages built from databases.

Our experienced ASP developers can help you evaluate your business software needs, provide ASP programming services and build a custom software product tailored to the specific requirements of your organization. Our ASP services include Custom Website Consulting and Design, ASP Development Services, ASP Web Programming Services, Custom ASP Programming and ASP Database Programming. We can design and construct a database driven website using dynamically generated web pages that meet the exact needs of your business.
Why ASP Web Based Programming Services:
  • Minimize network traffic
  • Flexibility to view in any browser
  • The tools of asp programming ensure more functionality and fast development
  • High security - ASP code cannot be viewed from the browser
  • Ability to dynamically edit, change or add any content to a web page
  • Ability to access any data or database and return the results to a browser
Our team of developers is capable of using vast scope of ASP; while they have developed applications for multiple domains that include, but not limited to

  • ASP shopping cart / e-commerce solutions
  • Dynamic ASP application websites
  • ASP based Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • ASP based Catalog websites
  • ASP based Promotional websites

Global Intelligence Software Limited has developed ASP websites and applications for clients from various industries such as Education, Retail, Medical and Information Technology.

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