ERP For Manufacturing

Global Manufacturing brings all business operations into a single simple solution, from estimating to scheduling, purchasing, shipping and even customer management and accounting, with its easy-to-use solution. Designed specifically for steel, contract and a variety of make-to-order manufacturers, ERP helps to increasing both productivity and profits.
Let’s take a brief look on the modules designed under ERP for manufacturing…..
  • Admin can add company details, user details as well as customer details.
  • Admin can add raw material details including purchase details, issued material, return or lost material, product category, re – purchase order, show re-purchase order.
  • Admin can add product category, product details, product stock details.
  • Admin can add challan, show & change status of challan.
  • Admin can add Bill, Show Bill
  • Admin can add payment, show payment details, show balance details.
  • Product availability report.
  • DC Challan Report
  • Sales Bill Details
  • Customer, vendor payment and balance details.
Stock Manager
  • Add product, opening stock, product stock.
  • Add Raw material purchase details, add issued material details, add return or lost material.
  • Stock manager can also add purchase order.
  • Stock manager can report lost material, maintain available stock material, etc.
  • Add Purchase order for Re-purchase, Show Re-purchase Order Details
  • Add DC challan.
  • Change status of challan like running, complete or cancel.
  • Add Sell Bill
  • Show Sell Bill information.
  • Add Payment details and view balance details.

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