Project Management

Project Management is the art of balancing competing objectives, managing risk and overcoming constraints to deliver a product successfully, which meets the need of both clients and users. We employ mature project management processes, techniques, tools and people, thus providing a management framework required to execute a wide range of project types.

Our Software Project Management processes forms:
  • A framework for managing software-intensive projects
  • Practical guidelines for planning, staffing, executing, and monitoring projects
  • A framework for managing risk

Our project management methodology enables, manages and supports the complete project lifecycle.
Project management processes fall into five groups:
  • Project Conception and Initiation
    An idea for a project will be carefully examined to determine whether or not it benefits the organization. During this phase, a decision making team will identify if the project can realistically be completed.
  • Project Definition and Planning
    A project plan, project charter and/or project scope may be put in writing, outlining the work to be performed. During this phase, a team should prioritize the project, calculate a budget and schedule, and determine what resources are needed.
  • Project Launch or Execution
    Resources' tasks are distributed and teams are informed of responsibilities. This is a good time to bring up important project related information.
  • Monitoring and Controlling
    Project managers will compare project status and progress to the actual plan, as resources perform the scheduled work. During this phase, project managers may need to adjust schedules or do what is necessary to keep the project on track.
  • Closing
    After project tasks are completed and the client has approved the outcome, an evaluation is necessary to highlight project success and/or learn from project history.
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