Catering Management System

This software helps catering professionals to cost, plan, monitor and order for a quality kitchen operation.

This software can be used to manage client events, employee time cards, invoicing, and billing.

Let’s take a brief look on the modules designed under Catering System…..

Booking Wizards

The booking wizard allows you to manage your booking as per date, time and venue. It also incorporates auto-date and time conflict checking to safeguard against double booking in case of limited resources left. You can share bookings with your staff members for further arrangements.

Menu and Beverage Management

Add menu with different category and sub-category. Add prices, per plate serving according to items in platter. Create different beverage packages and set prices in variety of ways like charge per drink, per person charges, etc.

Inventory and Resource Management

Manage vendor details and stock left details with inventory management. Add and manage ingredient details, cylinder requirements, purchase item details, lost stock, balance stock and many more.

Staffing Management

Check and manage staff requirements as per bookings like cooks, waiters, manager, stock manager, etc.

Travel and Accommodation

Attach travel tickets and share it with different logins connected to avoid last minute confusion especially in case of outstation deliveries or orders.

User Security

Control access of each user to various modules and ensure confidentiality.

Package Management

Create different packages and offer variety of packages to your customer.

Integrated CRM

Manage client accounts, contacts and track activities like past orders, future expected orders, use data to drive marketing campaigns and maintain customer relationship.

Invoicing and Payments

Create automated invoices as per the packages opted by clients as per booking on date and time. Track all the payments made to vendors to maintain transparency.

Task Management

Follow timelines, co-ordinate work assignments with this advance task management system. You can update the tasks manually as per the work assigned to different members.

Powerful Reporting

Track reports like,
1. User details reports and login reports.
2. Ingredient reports, purchase item report and vendor details report.
3. Staff issued report, cylinder issued report, lost stock report, balance stock report, outstanding balance report, credit balance report, profit and loss report, installments report and many more.

Custom Dashboards

Get visuals of your order history, balance payments, notifications for out of stock items right on your dashboards with visual elements like graphs and charts.

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