Business Intelligence

Driving Innovative Decision Making
We transform your data into an exclusive competitive advantage.
We provide total solutions for data warehouse and data mining ranging from comprehending pre-requisites of business intelligence, rationalization of solutions, management of data and generation of reports.
Custom BI solutions
We have developed completely custom, exceptionally scalable BI solutions that connect your employees to the data-driven decision making process. You may rely on our highly skilled developers, system architects and QA experts to provide you with secure custom BI solution.

Work with GIS Ltd highly skilled BI team and get these advantages,
  • Overcome restrictions of ready-made solutions with our custom solutions
  • Realize your innovative vision of BI approach.
  • Enjoy advantages of technology synergy.
Customized BI solutions
We customize BI solutions and modules developed by third party vendors and consistently incorporates them with enterprise frameworks.

  • Reduction in cost through broadening corporate applications in analysis tools.
  • Increased efficiency
  • Exceptional features, reports, and KPIs

BI Solutions Integration
Our extensive experience in connecting heterogeneous applications, legacy systems that resides on various operating systems and use different databases enables us to transform isolated data storehouses into finely tuned business infrastructure.

  • Speedup of data accumulation, aggregation, and cross-checking
  • Smooth data streaming
  • Eliminated human errors and routine activities
Why Choose GIS Ltd. for Business Intelligence Services
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BI Consulting

Our BI consulting services are instrumental that encourage the execution of correct business solutions at different stages of business life cycle. We convey solutions using open source BI services. Our experts make right utilization of businessintelligence solution to overcome issues in desired and existing BI implementation.

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BI Dashboard Services

BI dashboard service is the noting but the data representation tool that demonstrates recent insights of an enterprise. Customizing BI dashboards will show specific business objective with single point of view. BI dashboards services will actually provide you with customize interface with the capacity to catch real time business data from multiple resources.

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BI Tools

There is diverse set of Business Intelligence tools for different enterprises. We use Sisense tool for reporting. With the help of this tool integrated reporting becomes easy to perform. We make utilization of this exhaustive tool to manage and support business data with powerful visuals. For reporting, data mining, workflow and for ETL capabilities we integrate one another BI tool called as Pentaho.

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Our certified business intelligence consultants are outfitted with in-depth product knowledge by utilizing business intelligence implementation services progressively. We optimize client information collection, delivery and analysis by accomplishing profitable growth through better decision making.

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To design the process of dimension modeling our service encompass the whole physical architecture. We always make sure that our BI solution should meet the business and technical specifications very perfectly.

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