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Want to purchase school management software for your school- but confused with so many software present in market???
If yes…then just take a deep sigh and go through this article. It will help you to take smarter decision. 

Handling school and students information is always difficult job for all administrators. It’s tough for them to maintain every file and folder with students records starting from their admission details, fees details, hostel, transportation to TC.

Before purchasing any software check whether the software has every necessary module built-in which is required to efficiently run your school/college/institute.

I am bringing here some important features of School Management Software take a look.

Admission Process – Students enters your school after taking admission so the first step he needs to do is take admission in your school, check whether the admission form fields and saving of data is as per your school policy or not, if not then is the company ready to do customization required.

Yes..customization, it is important because every school is different, some are play schools, some are primary schools, some are secondary school and some are primary as well as secondary schools. Some schools are affiliated to state board and some are affiliated to cbse board.

Some schools are having less students and some are having more students, that means requirement vary school to school. Hence, customization in various modules and forms will help you get the best software.

Management of Finances and Accounts-This module deals with all day to day transactions happening in school like daily expenses, internal transactions funds, donation fund, students activity fund, daily fees collection data, etc.

Attendance Management- This module will make your daily work of taking attendance easier. You may check whether there is integration of biometric attendance, whether you can upload excel sheets, whether you can see attendance reports by applying various filters, etc.

Fees Management- The fee submission should always be easy and smooth, with fees management student should be able to pay fees instantly. For understanding the module clearly you may also check pending fees report, total fees deposited report monthly or daily.

Student Assessment-When it comes to track student progress, teachers have to check various results and maintain data, but this module will make the work easy, as you can can check all tests record by just typing the name of student.

You can also check whether there is facility to generate timetable, whether the software has the facility to generate quick report cards as per the examination.

Whether the reports generated are customize as per required affiliation like, state, cbse and icse.

Reports can also be generated on the basis of students rankings, class, batch, and subject.

Library Management- Library plays very important role in any school, but managing library is again a tedious job.

If you are thinking to purchase school management software then don’t forget to check out this feature.

Mainly library management module comes with barcode generator to identify books, keeps record of all books, keep record of late return of books and penalties, record of new required books.

It also generates purchase order for freshly required books.

Hostel Management-Mostly schools have hostel facility; hence a perfect software should not miss with hostel management module.

This module mostly covers information like allotted rooms, vacant rooms, tracking hostel fees collection, maintaining daily expenses, maintaining visitors’ records, etc.

Transportation- Nowadays school provides bus facility to students for better convenience. By using this module you can enter to and fro bus routes, maintain bus fees, maintain bus records and transporter records, etc.

Teachers Login- Teachers are in direct contact with students and parents, hence, they should have proper channel to convey assignments to students, and results to parents.

Teachers login module will helpful to provide assignment to students as per class and subject, as well as provide personal feedback to parents.

Payroll and HR Management- HR module is required to maintain all record of teaching and non-teaching staff. This module will give you all records of staff like their attendance, leaves, etc.

The payroll system will be helpful for school admin to disburse salary of teaching and non-teaching staff.

You will be able to auto generate pay slips, easily set allowances and deductions, upload bank account details and many more.

Parent Login- Already I have explained importance of teachers login requirement in a school management system, so is the parents login.

Almost all parents require input from school for their ward’s performance, their reports, their activities and any happenings in school.

With the effective parents login with their contact numbers aligned with the system parents will get notification for each level of activity happening in school, events in school and about results and wards performance. Hence, having a parents login is one of the most important feature in school management software.

News and Events Announcement- Events are happening year around in schools and admin or teachers have to announce them personally to every parents and students.

But if you want to save your time and effort you can automate the process by just uploading the list of events, school trip activity, etc on news and announcement module and get it reflected on teachers portal, admin portal, students portal and parents portal simultaneously.

I have tried to mention all important features of a school management software. So, if now you really want to new software I am sure it will help you a lot.

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